Module two of a three part series:

The Realm of Emotional Intelligence

Breaking the barriers to a life of Freedom, Peace, Prosperity and Fun!

• Are you pursuing the freedom, peace and happiness?

• Have you looked within?

• Do you love yourself?

• What would the results be if you really did love yourself?

Module 2 will address:

1. Universal Laws and how they impact your lives:

• The Law of Relativity

• The Law of Polarity

• The Law of Rhythm

2. The Relationships Factor:

• Life is about relationships. What is your relationship to Life?

3. Money and your relationship to it:

• Are you standing in your own way of flow?

Attend this workshop and achieve peace and tranquillity within the world around you and free you to enjoy your life and have fun!

When: Saturday 27th August, 2016 at 9:00 am to 1 pm
Where: 300 Santana Row, Fifth Floor. San Jose, CA 95128
Investment: $169

Module 1
The Realm of Logical Intelligence - 'Know Thyself'

1. Universal laws and how they impact your lives
2. F .L.O.P. Fundamental Life Operating Principal that controls your responses/reactions to life.
3. Awareness of beliefs, attitudes and behaviours, are key elements to freedom and empowerment.

Module 2
The Realm of Emotional Intelligence - 'Love Thyself'

1. The Relationship Factor - You cannot give what you do not have.
2. Values - Honouring the fundamental you and not allowing society to determine your worth
3. Money - and your relationship to it.

Module 3
The Realm of Spiritual Intelligence - 'Know Thyself'

Who is 'I' and who is 'MYSELF'?
2. Finding your Power and Strength in your unique YOU.


Colleen Bain O'Donnell
Transformational Life and Business Coach
The Sanctuary
745 Garden Drive, San Jose, CA 95126
Mobile: 1 408 425 0104

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