Colleen Bain

For as long as I can remember, there has been a part of me that questioned “my actions”. Why I did the things I did, even when it appeared to be the ‘wrong things’. To find my answers, I embarked on a journey of learning and self-discovery. In the many personal development courses I did, LIFE COACHING and REIKI entered my sphere. I immediately knew that these were the vehicles that would bring balance and harmony to my life.

Colleen is a certified Life Coach and subscribes to the Code and Ethics of COMENSA and ICF - International Coaching Federation. Colleen, through Coaching, facilitates change - for the better. "I coach because I believe you have infinite potential waiting to be realized – because it is fulfilling and rewarding to be a part of your journey in achieving your goals. I work from the presupposition that you have everything within you to succeed. My personal life and experiences enable me to get into your space, working by your side to create the life you want. I would love to coach you to be your best, happy, and prosperous YOU!"

Colleen is a Reiki Master and a member of the Reiki Association of South Africa. ‘Reiki’ meaning ‘an ancient technique of natural healing - accessing the 'life force energy' - which is inherent in each of us…and which just needs to be reawakened.

Colleen has been an active part of her local community in various projects such as HOPE (Hope for the Out of Work People.) and others, and served as President of the local Chamber of Commerce in South Africa and now enjoys Honorary Life Membership of the Chamber.

Colleen is still a part time member of Bainprop, her family business of over 20 years, Commercial and Industrial Property brokers. Colleen is married to Tony. They have five wonderful children and four beautiful grandchildren.

I have a mission: To encourage and inspire individuals to make their choices and take action that lead to their dreams. To achieve their personal best and foster an environment of creativity, growth and harmony. My personal goal is to “Dance with life”. Join me!

Judge me not, for you have not walked in my shoes.
Be still awhile, and listen.
This moment of learning may not pass your way again.
For deep within me lies the truth learnt today, and yesteryear,
That my sharing it with you may enlighten me and awaken you.
Be still awhile, and listen.
- By Colleen

How The Sanctuary Came About

I asked for what I wanted. To live my purpose, to do... to be that, that I was created to be. I was precise. It meant everything to me. I let go of my wish so that the Universe could compute my desires. In other words, I got out of the way. I let go and let God, and then, my Sanctuary was born. In that stillness, in the darkness of the early morn was the whisper, "this is it". This is "your Sanctuary" within. In the midst of the business of life, find the real magic, the gift that Life is. Discover and catch a glimpse of the Being in being human.

Your Sanctuary resides within you.

Discover the sacred, safe space that is the authentic, vibrant, joyful, and unique you.

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